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Covid Test

EuLab offers all kinds of coronavirus detection tests. In this case, they fall into 3 categories, which are the following:

  • PCR Covid 19 (Coronavirus Molecular Detection Test)
  • Rapid Test (Antigen Test)
  • Antibody test

The available diagnostic tests for coronavirus detection are the molecular analysis method (realtime RT-PCR) for the detection of the virus’ RNA, the rapid detection of the virus’ antigen through the immunochromatography (rapid) and the antibody detection tests (including vaccination) through the method of chemiluminescence or ELISA.

The results are given on the same day.

Samples can be collected at home as well.

The sampling is done in a specially designed space, as there is an independent Covid-room for the reception of the examinees and the collection of nasopharyngeal samples for the Covid-19 examination.

Well-trained stuff is collecting the samples, with a process that takes only a few minutes in an environment of absolute BIO-SAFETY.

The space is automatically sterilized after each collection of sample with a winx system.

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